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A Guide on How to Identify a Good Officiant for Your Same-Sex Wedding

Since the landmark ruling by the supreme regarding same-sex marriages, several gay weddings have happened. It is good that the society now acknowledges same-sex marriage and the couples are accorded all the marital benefits provided by the state. Marriage should always be the outcome of all love relationship that is made official through a wedding. Therefore, if you have found your love partner and would wish to tie the knot, you should start planning for a wedding after the engagement. In any wedding, choosing an officiant is one of the challenges that most people face. Not everyone can serve as an officiant in your same-sex wedding. The officiant should first be in support of same-sex marriages and also has the power to make a wedding official. Therefore, you should be careful when looking for an officiant for your same-sex wedding. The discussion below is a guide that will help you identify the best officiant for your same-sex wedding.

Most importantly, you should know the stance of the officiant regarding same-sex marriage. In as much as same-sex marriage is legal, some religious societies still criticize the move and money others. For instance, Christians say it is against biblical teachings. Therefore, if you want to avoid issues during your wedding, you should an individual that strongly supports same-sex marriage to be your officiant.

Most couples usually prefer a friend or family member to be their officiant. However, when choosing an officiant from your friends or family members, you should be careful to identify one that is comfortable speaking in public. Also, you should choose a friend or family member who is in a successful same-sex marriage so that you can get some tips and wise words that will help you live happily with your partner.

Today, finding a wedding officiant has been made possible with the emergence of professional officiants in the market. The professional officiants offer services without discrimination regarding the sexual orientation of the couple. Therefore, if you are finding it hard to convince a friend or family member, you should not hesitate to contact the professionals. Your marriage will happen smoothly and in accordance with the set guidelines.

Today, most marriages usually end up in divorce which is stressful and difficult. Nonetheless, it is believed that spiritual intervention can help in establishing a happy and lifetime marriage with your partner. Therefore, when looking for a good same-sex marriage officiant, you should consider a religious leader. Not all religions are against same-sex marriages such as the Unitarian church and Metropolitan community church support same-sex marriages. A religious leader will not only help you tie the knot but also offer blessings to your marriage.

Once you settle for a wedding officiant, you should ensure that he or she is available during the planning stages. A wedding officiant is usually charged with the task of handling the vows and also coordinating the congregation during the ceremony. Therefore, as a member of the LGBT planning a wedding, you should ensure that you use this guide to find a good same-sex marriage officiant.


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