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Since, for many individuals, the need for their home, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it seem right, to try and do one’s homework, and punctiliously interview, choose, and hire, the broker, who might best, serve and represent their utmost interests? Instead of, merely, basing one’s selection, on friendships, something about someone’s personality, and/ or, love of life, or any other, somewhat, irrelevant factors, it really is wiser to produce this important decision/ selection, depending on who, could create this process, easier for you, and meet and exceed the needs you have, and expectations. With that in mind, this information will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 specific necessities, for just a quality realtor, to acquire, and gives.

1. Represent you, and your preferences: Be certain, someone prioritizes, representing you, along with your best interests, as an alternative to their personal agenda, and/ or, self – interest! Quality representation carries a variety of factors, and duties, including: full fiduciary protections; total confidentiality; hand – holding; and, especially, hinting what you need to know, not only what you want to know (TM).

2. Fiduciary responsibilities: The principal, fiduciary responsibility, you have to demand, from a chosen, real estate professional, is, to accomplish, everything possible, to defend the desires of your investment. As a seller, what this means is, she or he, must never disclose any confidential information, that might harm you, or weaken your negotiating position. It also means, using best efforts, to safeguard the asset’s value. If one is representing a buyer, he should assist his client, in utilizing well – respected, home inspectors, and/ or, engineers, providing professionally designed, Competitive Market Analysis (or, CMA), to be sure the proper price, is now being offered, etc. This aspect is very essential, and important!

3. Earn your belief (maintain your trust): How will the agent, you hire, earn your belief, and maintain your trust, consistently? When you have any question, regardless of how minor, is he going to treat it, on your satisfaction, and place things in a comfortable perspective?

4. Experience and expertise: You need someone while using relevant experience, and expertise, needed and necessary, to produce a potentially, stressful period, as calm, and stress free, as is possible!

5. Ethics/ ethical responsibility: Demand your agent, proceed, exceeding his ethical responsibility, by sticking with above – and – beyond, deal with the highest personal ethics! This means, prioritizing his allegiance, for you, as his client, with integrity, and greatest efforts!

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