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Importance of a Mercury Tilt Switch

Mercury tilt switch refers to a kind of switch that uses a drop of mercury metal to its electrodes for it to function. This electrical switch normally opens and closes whenever the drop of the mercury metal connects the electrodes of this particular switch therefore closing the circuit for it to function. The areas that the mercury tilt switch is used include the mechanical industries, vending machines and industries like bomb making. They are used in the vending machines where the alarm is tilted and it produces the sound of the alarm. In making of the bombs, these mercury tilt switches are used in triggering these bombs. The switches are made of nonconductive tubes that have electrical contacts containing materials that act as good conductors in the electrical contacts.

The mercury has many benefits as discussed below.
An importance of the mercury tilt switch is that they are cheap in cost and also easy to use. The mercury tilt switch when compared to other forms and types of switches has low cost and also are easy to use. For the switches to function, they only need to be tilted and the mercury can reach the electrodes therefore masking it to function. This is important when compared to the other switches that need complex fixation for them to start functioning.
The mercury tilt switches are important because they are safe to the environment. This means that the switches are environment friendly. They are made of tubes that are poor conductors of electricity and therefore the fire that could arise from the switches are not experienced in the mercury tilt switches. In hazardous areas like in the silos, their interruption does not out send the sparks that may produce flammable gases that would then lead to eruption of fire.

When it comes to security and safety, the mercury tilt switches cab be used in different industries hence granting them an advantage. The use of these switches in the vending machines is a good example of the instances that these switches can be used. This is enabled by the presence of the metal mercury that normally that is normally tilted when trying to gain the product, therefore producing the sounding alarm.

Another advantage of the mercury tilt switches is that they reduce oxidization.

This is because these switches are enclosed therefore they reduce the rate of interference with the contacts that also reduces the oxidization of these contacts. The maintenance of the mercury tilt switches is low because the switches are non moving.

An importance of the mercury tilt switch is that they avoid the wear out if they are properly used. They are also small in size hence making them reduce the cases of bulkiness that may be experienced when moving the switches from one place to another.

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